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OCR on-demand

OCR on-demand is a web based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service for converting images in documents.

Documents are returned in plain text (txt), rich text (rtf), PDF or DOC formats.
You must only:

  • scan a page of a document, book, magazine...

  • or
  • take a photo of a document, poster, book, PC screen... with a digital camera or the Smartphone/iPhone's built in camera (format allows are jpg, bmp, gif, png, tif with 5MB max. size)

  • and then:
  • upload files

  • or
  • send an e-mail
    with informations below:
    Subject: OCR (please copy only bold text, the e-mail will deleted if the subject is wrong!)
    Body of the message:
    Language=[Language supported, for now, are ENG=English, ITA=Italian, DEU=Dutch, FRA=French, SPA=Spanish]
    Output=[Output supported are TXT=plain text, PDF=Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat), RTF=Rich Text Format, DOC=MS Word document]
    PDF, RTF and DOC formats maintains the appearance of the mailed image.
    for example:
    Only the subject is necessary, if you don't sent body informations the service will output an english plain text (txt).
The OCR conversion takes just a few minutes and the output (with the original image) will be emailed to you. Although some images can appear quite dark when viewed on the camera, OCR on-demand enhances the contrast and brigthness to improve the quality of the conversion.

Device: PC, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, iPhone
License: Terms of Service

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